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"Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornament Set - Elegant 50 Count Christmas Balls Decoration (2.24"/57mm, New Gold)"

"Shatterproof Christmas Tree Ornament Set - Elegant 50 Count Christmas Balls Decoration (2.24"/57mm, New Gold)"

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  • GIFTS FOR FAMILY: Start a family tradition of every Christmas giving your son, mom, daughter, husband, wife a hand-crafted ornament that fits their personality. Make memories meaningful this Christmas season and spread love and hope this year.
  • SHATTERPROOF ORNAMENTS FOR THE CHRISTMAS TREE: Crafted to withstand the full family decorating even with the pets around, while still having beautifully elegant details of glass. We take pride in our ornaments so you feel like it is Christmas everyday of the season!
  • MORE THAN TREE DECORATIONS: Aside from being used as Christmas décor, these ornaments can be used for many purposes through the year such as for centerpieces and other creative home applications for Thanksgiving or weddings, parties, and other celebrations.
  • TONS OF THEMES TO CHOOSE: We designed many Christmas decorations in different types, colors, and shapes. The ornament sets comes in many variations of a decoration theme; all with different looks and feel to cover your personalized holiday look that will better suit any size Christmas Tree from Ornaments, allowing for a better arrangement from top to bottom on a beautifully decorated Tree
  • CONVIENIENT, BEAUTIFUL, LIGHTWEIGHT: These near unbreakable decorations are easy to throw up, wont hurt if a few get damaged by the dog, cat, or sibling rivialry, and they are light enough to not weight down any branch of traditional real pine or artifical tree which gives the owner a wide array of use cases. Enjoy and pretend that Everyday is Christmas all season long.

Product Description

Handcrafted Ornaments

Stylish and Quality Build

These unbreakable ornaments add quality and elegance to your Christmas tree. The shatter-resistant plastic balls shine and seamlessly match and accentuate other ornaments you may have. Create a stunning look for any style!

Holiday Happiness

Unique Treats for Your Tree

These elegant and unique ornaments have various patterns on each ball. Each set comes with both string and hooks to hang! They create a sparkling and festive atmosphere by reflecting the light differently. They are eye-catching and perfect for creative Christmas lovers.

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